andrew maguire

Andrew Maguire



When Andrew Maguire migrated from Detroit to the Colorado Rockies six years ago to further his career as a sport and active lifestyle photographer, he vowed to pursue only honest, authentic images.

To that end, he has summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, chased kangaroos through the Australian Outback, and battled turbulent seas with Nordic fishermen, providing content for top tier clients from Nike to Subaru to Eddie Bauer. Equally comfortable on a lifestyle set or precariously perched to capture athletes in action, Andrew flows seamlessly from stills to motion as well.

Andrew spends his days off doing pretty much exactly what he does at work, minus holding a camera. An avid snowboarder, standup paddleboarder, mountain biker and climber, he spends his free time adventuring outside with his wife and two dogs.